Gavin's Search






At age thirty, Gavin Sanborn wants someone who won’t only let him love and care for them, but someone who can stand on their own two feet. He wants love and a family, and he believes he’s found that in Sebastian Hartwell, the owner and chef of his favorite bistro. Now the only problem is to find out if Sebastian feels the same way about him and find out who the little redhead beauty is who is always with Sebastian.

Meanwhile, he’s helping an old sub—turned friend—learn to become a Dom and trying to find the perfect Master for his current sub, Georgia, who really only wants to be someone’s slave.




Story Excerpt


Gavin took David to his favorite Italian bistro the next night to celebrate David’s newfound life and their friendship. Gavin loved the atmosphere and food at this place, not to mention the delicious-looking chef and his little red-haired friend. Sometimes, he’d catch himself just sitting and staring at them whenever the little redhead came in to see the chef.

Gavin was thrilled to see they were both here this evening. He felt a vibe from the chef, but the beautiful redhead had him confused. She seemed to love the chef, but he wasn’t sure how their love lives really were. She seemed to be the dominant one. Gavin had been pretty sure the chef was gay when he’d first set eyes on him, but then the next time, the redhead was sitting next to him, and he was looking at her as if she was everything.

Gavin wanted someone to look at him the way they looked at each other. Maybe watching the two of them together was what made him long for more out of life. He just wasn’t sure which one of the two made him harder.

The chef was hot as hell, with his short, sandy blonde hair hidden just beneath that silly chef hat he wore. Gavin was pretty sure there was a sexy lean body under the white apron, and he’d give almost anything to see the man naked. Taste his skin to see if he was as delicious as all the dishes he created.

The redhead wasn’t anything to sneer at either. She was short and a little curvier than Gavin usually went for, but she was beautiful. She dressed impeccably in stylish business suits, and those fuck-me pumps shaped her legs to perfection. He was sure her fiery red hair would be long if she ever released it from that tight bun, she kept it in, and those emerald, green eyes of hers mystified him one day as she walked past his table. He found he couldn’t look away as she stared at him. He wasn’t sure what kind of perfume she wore, but it aroused him just smelling it. He wondered if she would taste as delicious as she smelled.

Gavin wasn’t prejudiced. He’d take either one, or maybe both, if he was lucky. What a scrumptious chapter they would make in his search for the perfect mate. Gavin smiled when he and David were led to their table, especially when he saw the chef and the redhead standing toward the back of the restaurant near the kitchen.

Yes, he’d enjoy either one of them shackled in his dungeon, maybe both of them. Yes, he could see the redhead shackled to his St. Andrew’s cross while he had the chef tied down over the spanking bench.


Adult Excerpt


“Suck him hard, pet, but don’t make him come. No one comes until I say so.”

Georgia’s ass shuddered as he rimmed it with her juices. His finger was wet enough that it slid slowly and easily inside her passage. She moaned around David’s cock as she pushed back against Gavin’s finger. Gavin pulled free and smacked her right ass cheek. She moaned again. She loved being punished, so he usually refrained from spanking her too often. Usually, her punishment consisted of withholding her orgasm. He knew he wouldn’t be able to do that tonight. He wanted David’s first night in town to be enjoyable.

“Don’t move again, or I’ll send you to your room while David and I finish. Do you understand, pet?”

Georgia raised her head from David’s Cock to answer Gavin. “Yes, Master.”

Georgia’s voice was pouty, but he knew she would behave because she didn’t want to be sent to her room. He smiled as she resumed sucking David’s cock. He knew there was nothing he could do if David came. It wasn’t like David was under contract with him any longer. Their contract had ended when David went to Paris.

Gavin put his hand back to Georgia’s pussy, caressing her clit to bring her back to the edge of orgasm, ready for their cocks to fill her. He worked each finger slowly and carefully into her tight ass, stretching her so she’d be able to accommodate his cock inside the dark passage. Once he managed to get four fingers in her ass, he knew it was time.

“Stop sucking him. I believe it’s time to move this to the bed in the playroom.” Gavin wiped his hand off as he led the way to the playroom, unlocking the door for them. “Get a condom and lay down on the bed, David, with your legs spread.”

Gavin caressed his hand over Georgia while they waited for David to get prepared. Once he was on the bed, Gavin directed Georgia to lay flat on top of David as he began to work her ass. He slowly pulled his fingers from her passage and wiped his hand again before he rolled on a condom of his own.

“I’m going to fuck this pretty little ass of yours while David fucks your pussy. Would you like that, pet?” Gavin asked, leaning over Georgia to whisper in her ear.

“Yes, Master,” she said almost breathlessly.


Gavin's Search

By Gina Duncan

Release Date: November 29, 2018


Chapter One


Gavin Sanborn stood in the middle of his so-called friends with the best, surprised, fake smile he could come up with on his face. They were singing “Happy Birthday” to him, and someone had bought a cake. He hated parties, and he never really cared for cake. Apparently, no one in this room knew him well enough to be privy to either of those things. Gavin didn’t want to know what his friends and neighbors were doing or anything about their lives, and he damn sure didn’t want them to know what he was doing.

He looked around the room, seeing several of his neighbors and people who came to his dojo to be trained. Some were there with their families, and others were there alone. Of course, there were no other Doms there. He didn’t let anyone at the dojo or at his building know anything about his personal life. The only sub in the entire room was his, and everyone seemed to think she was his current girlfriend.

He wondered what they would think if they knew who, or better yet, what he really was. He was always the master of the relationships he’d been in, and, in being so, he shared very little of himself. His subs knew what he liked sexually and everything they needed to do to please him, but they knew nothing of him as a person. Well, all except for one. The one sub he’d spent the most time with. David knew the most about him.

Gavin wondered who had set up this party. No one here knew when his birthday was. Georgia hadn’t even known. Usually, none of his subs lived with him. Georgia was only the second sub he’d let move into his home and life, and she’d only been here a little over a month.

He wondered how many of the people here knew he turned thirty today. Did they know he was attracted to both men and women, and that he really had no preference when it came to either? Did they know he was tired of meaningless relationships, although he couldn’t say the same about sex, or that all he really wanted was a home and family?

He wanted to live in a nice home in the country. It wasn’t like he didn’t love his penthouse, because he did, but what he wanted was a real home with a yard. It would be nice to look out back and watch his children playing, and it didn’t matter if they were really his or adopted. He just wanted someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life.

This penthouse had been a perfect place to bring subs to. There was no way he’d bring someone here he really cared about. His current relationship was with a woman, but she wasn’t a woman he could see spending the rest of his life with. He watched Georgia as she stood in the corner, her head slightly bowed. She wasn’t talking to or looking at anyone. Of course, he hadn’t introduced her to any of his neighbors or so-called friends, and she was extremely obedient, sometimes too obedient for his liking.

He’d met Georgia Bromley at Blyssful Dreams, the BDSM club owned by his friend Master Blyss Mercer. Gavin had never seen her in there before that night. She looked lost as she sat there sipping at a drink and looking around. She was beautiful with her long blonde hair and killer body. She weighed somewhere close to a hundred twenty-five pounds. She probably stood about five-six without her heels, but the ones she wore put her closer to his six-two height. Her waist was slim, but her hips and breasts were big. Gavin found he liked women with a little something to hold on to. He was always afraid he’d snap a woman in two if she was built like a model, so he steered clear of them.

He could imagine tying her to his spanking bench and spanking that tight ass. She wouldn’t look up at him when he first approached her. Gavin liked that in a sub. She hadn’t been given permission to look at him, so she didn’t.

But Gavin wanted to look at her, so he had put his hand under her chin and tipped her head back. She wasn’t wearing a collar. It was the first thing he’d looked for before he’d made his way to her side.

When she looked up at him, he was shocked by the blue of her eyes; they were so bright, they almost sparkled. She had a flawless, pale, oval face and pouty red lips. Her nose was slim and straight. She had a sad, faraway look about her, though, and he found himself wanting to take her home with him. He’d asked her if she was alone, and, when she’d said yes, he asked if she wanted to join him. They did a little negotiating at the club where he found out that she didn’t have a place of her own. She and her previous Master’s contract had ended a month before, and she had been staying with a friend since then.

Gavin took her home with him. He had intended it to be just the one-night stand it was supposed to be. She hadn’t really been his type, a little too mousey, but she was hot as hell—not to mention one hell of a sub. The only problem was she was needy, too damn needy for him. He wasn’t sure how she’d made it on her own for the past month. He liked for the person he was with to have a mind and life of their own. He didn’t want to be their entire world, and he certainly didn’t want to have to instruct them on how to live. He instructed people all day long at the dojo. The only instruction he wanted to give at night was on pleasure.

Georgia wanted him to tell her what to do all day while he was working, what she should or shouldn’t wear for the day, what she should eat, and how she should act. The only time he wanted to instruct someone on what to wear was when he was taking them out, and then he demanded they dress as he said.

He wondered if he’d have to explain to Georgia what he meant by ending his contract with her when the time came. He often wondered what sort of Dom she’d been with before and why she wasn’t with him any longer. He’d been trying to avoid her for the most part, which was hard to do since she lived at his penthouse with him. But he had to admit the sex was great, and she definitely knew how to suck a dick. Hell, just thinking about her hot pouty mouth on his cock made it twitch inside his slacks.

“Happy birthday, sweetness.” A soft voice sounded behind him, interrupting his wayward thoughts.

Gavin looked to his left. The voice sounded so familiar, but he knew it couldn’t possibly belong to his favorite sub. David had been gone for the last five years.

He’d become a model and moved to Paris. Gavin had missed him dearly when he’d first left. He had hated to see David go, but he wasn’t about to hold him back.

“David.” Gavin arched a dark brow as he turned.

David was as beautiful as ever. His angelic face was perfection. His soft brown hair fixed in the latest style with highlights, just a hint lighter than his hair running through it, and those aqua, sea-blue eyes of his stood out on that perfectly tanned face. His body was magnificent in his designer clothes. His white shirt was rolled to the elbows and half-unbuttoned to show his satiny, tanned chest. There was a broad smile on his soft, moist pink lips.

“Well, I thought I’d show up and give you what you really want for your birthday, and we both know it’s not this cake.” David held the cake out before him.

“Damn, man. I thought you were in Paris.” Gavin smiled, thinking his birthday might actually turn out better than he ever thought it could. Gavin watched as David handed the cake off to someone else, then he pulled him into a tight embrace.

“I was, baby, but I couldn’t let another one of your birthdays pass without me.” David smiled, flashing those perfect white teeth. “Especially the big three-oh.” He chuckled.

“I’m glad you didn’t. Hell, it feels like it’s been a lifetime.” Gavin leaned back enough to look at the man. “Damn, you look sexy as hell. Have you been working out?”

“Of course. I am a model, you know.” David laughed.

“I’m happy that you got your dream to come true.”

“Did you miss me?” David teased.

“My best friend, the only person who truly knows me—of course, I didn’t miss you,” Gavin teased with a chuckle.

“So, tell me which one of these lucky people is your current sub?” David asked, looking around the room.

“The sexy blonde over in the corner, standing by herself.” Gavin nodded his head in Georgia’s direction.

“Pretty.” David smiled.

“Yeah, not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, though,” Gavin declared.

David laughed. “What’s wrong with that? She looks good and has a great body.”

“I want her to be able to function without me as well as with me. I don’t want a living doll I have to dress and tell what to do every second of every damn day. I feel like I can’t breathe.”

“So get rid of her,” David suggested.

“I want to find her a good Master. She’s a good person, but she’s more of a slave than a sub.”

“So you’ve taken it upon yourself once more to be someone’s guardian angel,” David accused.

“You seem to have turned out pretty well.” Gavin thought back to when he’d taken David in. He’d been homeless, and Gavin had fed him, taught him to dress and act properly, and introduced him to all the right people.

“Yes, and I love you for it.”

“I know you do, and that pleases me more than you know.” Gavin knew David loved him more as a friend than anything else, and that was what pleased him so much. He cared for David, even loved him in his own way, but he wasn’t in love with him. “Actually, I’ve tried to avoid Georgia until I can come up with the perfect Master to turn her over to,” Gavin confessed with a chuckle of his own.

“Come up with anyone good yet?” David asked.

“Yes, I believe I know the perfect Master for her. I just have to talk to him and make sure he’s available. I want to get the two of them together and see how they get along first, if he’s willing.”

“Sounds like you have a plan.”

“Well, now that you’re here, I have a couple of other plans forming.”

Like seeing you kneeling with my cock in your mouth again, or bent over the bench, waiting for me to fill your tight little ass. He wanted to tell David how gorgeous he thought he looked but kept that thought to himself for the moment.

“Really,” David questioned, arching those sandy brows.

Gavin chuckled. “Oh, yes…a couple.” He wiggled his dark eyebrows as David laughed.

“What happened to wanting a home and family?”

Gavin ran his hand through his black hair. He still wanted all that, but, to be honest, he wasn’t sure if he was ever going to find the right one. Hell, he wasn’t even sure if he could settle down with one person. He liked variety in life and sex. All he knew, at the moment, was the thought of being inside David once more was definitely turning him on.

“We’ll see what happens.” It was the only thing Gavin was willing to offer.

“All right, get rid of your guests, and then I want to discuss that sub of yours with you.”

“Listen to you becoming so bossy. I think I may have let you get by with too much,” Gavin teased.

“That’s another reason I’m here. I want you to teach me to be like you.”

“You want to be a Dom?” Gavin questioned with an arched brow.

“Eventually, but we’ll talk once all these people are gone.”