Hello, my name is Gina Duncan.

     A little about me?


     I live in a small town in Ohio with my only son, my oldest daughter and my new grandson. We also have three pets who are more like children than animals. We have two dogs, Coco, she is a brown and white Boston terrier, the unfortunate poor girl was born with a bad underbite, but she's beautiful to me. She's my companion to help with my MS, depression, and anxiety.  Sugar, also a girl, is a black and white wiener dog. She's my son's companion to help with his Bipolar, and anger issues. One cat, KitKat, is white and calico, I got her for my oldest daughter to help her through her depression and Bipolar. I raised my oldest grandson and now I'm a great grandma of a wonderful little boy. I have one more daughter, who along with her other half are raising five children. She has one son of her own, and her mate two boys and two girls. They are all my grandkids; we don't count them as steps. The youngest is now fourteen, and the oldest is twenty. My daughter and son-in-law have been together for thirteen years now. She managed to go to college while raising the children and now has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice: the Juvenile division.

          My parents are also still with us. My Mom will be 84 this year and my Dad will be 85. Sometimes they get along better than I can. I love them both more than they will ever know. My step parents are no longer with us which is sad and a little hard on me. I loved them both as well.

          I enjoy doing things with all my family. We have movie nights and spend holidays together. I also enjoy having some alone time to give my mind a little time to concentrate so that I’m able to write. I'm still learning how to be on my own. It's been five and a half years but feels like forever to me.

            I love to listen to music when I write. It doesn’t matter what genre. I love all music and some manuscripts just call for something different. When it’s too noisy at my home and I’m trying to write I simply put headphones on. I also enjoy watching movies and reading things other authors have written. I don’t have a favorite genre in books, but my favorite movies are horror movies. I love to crochet and sew on quilts. I can make wedding bouquets using silk flowers, beads, and feathers. I enjoy traveling and wish I could do it more, but I really don't like doing it alone. I used to love to visit places that I’ve never seen before, and hopefully one day I'll get back out there and do it again.

        Besides living in Ohio I’ve also lived in Louisiana and Kentucky for a brief time. I was a State tested Nursing Assistant for a few years and a bartender for eight years. I’ve always fantasized of being a writer and through it all I never gave up on the fantasy of being an author, so here we are years later.

       Be sure to stop by here from time to time for any current information. Or e-mail me because I’d love to hear from you personally.


my e-mail is ginaduncan@outlook.com

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Here is a list of my fantasies/books. Also check out their pages for all the info on each book and read the first chapter in each.


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